Our Story

Forest Green & Dark Brown Cotton Canvas Dog Carrier Places To Go Tote.  For safe & stylish daily use. Features pockets, a safety strap, & water resistant lining.

Morris Got Mail was born from a familiar frustration. As dog parents, we found ourselves caught in the cycle of purchasing generic and cheesy dog accessories, lacking that genuine connection to what we bought for our pets. Dissatisfied with the uninspired, low-quality options, we decided to make our own brand. Our vision? To infuse vibrant colors and thoughtful designs into products that resonate with the modern pet parent's urban lifestyle, filling the void we once felt in the market. Each accessory is meticulously designed to bring pride and joy to both pet and owner, breaking free from the cycle of mere convenience to offer something truly loved.

The brand name "Morris Got Mail" was no mere coincidence; it was woven into the fabric of our founder's daily life. From ordering new toys, dog sweaters for the cooler months, and treat deliveries, being a pet parent became a proud addition to her lifestyle.

And so, that simple phrase became the embodiment of her brand— a testament to the love shared between a dog and their human and a admiration for captivating colors.

Why Shop At Morris Got Mail

Sky blue cotton canvas double roll dog poo bag holder featuring a sturdy clip attachment for securing it to any leash or bag.

Premium Production Standards

At Morris Got Mail, we uphold premium production standards. Prior to manufacturing, our products undergo meticulous testing to ensure top-notch quality. We dedicate ample time to sourcing ethical manufacturers who align with our values and bring our vision to life. These trusted partners adhere to our high standards, reflecting our commitment to quality.

Community-Centric Service

At Morris Got Mail, we build connections. Every customer bond transforms into a valued friendship, inspired by your stories of how your furry companions bring joy. This vibrant community of passionate dog parents defines us.

Need advice on products, sizes, or materials? Our team provides personalized guidance, ensuring you find the perfect match for your furry friends. Count on the attentive service reminiscent of your favorite local boutique."

This fusion keeps the focus on fostering a community while also highlighting personalized assistance for your customers.

Sand beige cotton canvas double roll dog poo bag holder featuring a sturdy clip attachment for securing it to any leash or bag.

Enhance Your Style: Where Quality Meets Design in Dog Accessories

At Morris Got Mail, we believe in more than just accessories; it's about enhancing your experience. When investing in dog accessories, why settle for anything less than products that not only serve their purpose but also delight your senses? You deserve both functionality and aesthetics. That's why we meticulously design our items, ensuring top-notch quality, vibrant colors, and captivating designs. Elevate your furry friend's style while enjoying the beauty of our creations because you deserve accessories that look just as good as they perform.