• Cool Mom Tote Bag

    Cool Mom Tote Bag

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    Calling all cool dog mamas! This tote is perfect for running errands & shopping at the pet store for your dog. Let everyone know that you're not like a regular dog mom.

    Material & Care

    100% cotton

    Care: handwash inside out with cold water & air dry


    38 x 42 cm

    Light blue Cool dog mom tote bag saying "I'm not like a regular dod mom, i'm a cool dog mom." This funny quote is a reference and playful twist on a quote from the movie Mean Girls. This tote is a top gift for any dog mom in your life.

    Morris Got Mail IRL

    • Size Small

      Toy Poodles Rio weighs 4.8kg, and Fresa weighs 4.3kg
    • Size Medium

      Waldo is a Bedlington Terrier & weighs 8.6kg.
    • Size Large

      Penny is a 27kg Lab/Pit mix.
    • Size Medium

      Saiko is a 14kg Shiba Inu.

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